RTF Brand Builder is a creative marketing agency that specializes in building an online following for Design firms using 21st century tools.

We are Architects, Designers and Researchers who realise that Architecture is half-art and half-business, and great Architecture needs great marketing to spread and reach the right people.

In order to thrive in the 21st century, it is no longer ENOUGH to do extraordinary work, you must find your TRIBE: People who align with your UNIQUE approach to solving Architectural problems and BUILD your Tribe to bring in better clients.

As the flow of information gets faster and our experiences become noisier, it is getting more important than ever to directly reach the people who care.  The reputation of a design firm is a by-product of connecting with people who are interested in WHAT you do and WHY you do it.

What is your speciality? What do you want the world to know about your design process?

We have developed a proven questionnaire to help you determine your values, core competencies and unique style as an Architecture / Design firm and to help position your brand in the larger network of Design, Architecture and Construction Firms across the World. The results guide the development of strategy of social media marketing custom-tailored for YOUR brand:

RTF Brand Builder

RTF Brand Builder is globally trusted platform to provide for communications consultancy to Design Firms working across multiple domains.

RTF team sits at the centre of the widespread creative community and understands the power of good design. The team works closely with your designers to create engaging content for the public, and help you build the image that attracts YOUR kind of people to your brand.

Why visibility is important today more than EVER?

Unlike the classic George Orwell novel ‘1984’, we don’t live in a culture where the flow of information is limited and restricted by some authority figure. Instead we have a culture where there is so much information that it is impossible to differentiate the useful from the mundane.

The work you are doing might be path-breaking but there is no one to appreciate it if nobody knows about it, and social media channels are the fastest way to reach a viable audience. In the infinite scroll of Instagram, what makes someone double tap, click and share YOUR work?

What We Do?

We specialize in communcations consultancy for architects and designers. We contribute in curating work of your firm, creating graphics, animations, information and multimedia content and strategically publish them to targeted user groups.

Brand Development:

RTF Brand Builder is here to unburden the designers and have them concentrate on their designs while it handles the promotions, Visual Identity Development, PR Management, portfolio making, content curation and brand development through promotions on various social media platforms.

Visual Identity Design

Visual Identity Design is about creating a visual ‘template’ that is easily recognizable yet distinguishable from your competitors. There is no denying that people process and recognize images much faster than other forms of content. A Unique and Consistent Visual Identity is what makes people identify your brand – wherever they see it.

Content Management

The most crucial task that defines the development of a brand is the quality of content. RTF Brand Builder Team includes expert content writers and graphic designers who engage with you for in-depth knowledge of your design philosophies and concepts to create convincing content.

Brand Positioning

As people get to know about your brand, it holds a conceptual place in their minds. If this position is not managed proactively, it may take forms that are inefficient, or even counterproductive for the firm’s growth.  The goal is to create a unique impression so that people associate something specific and desirable with your brand that is distinct from the rest of the firms.

Social Media Management

RTF enjoys publicity from all over the world. It is one of the leading architectural websites that people look up references and inspiration. RTF works for the visibility of your projects providing an audience that enjoys and shares the work. It handles your Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep them updated about your projects. Along with this, your projects would be featured on platforms like RTF, and other local and global platforms.

Why Us?

RTF is an established name in the Architecture fraternity for their architectural journalism, acknowledging excellence in contemporary architecture, and annual awards. RTF has its readership from more than 100 countries with more than a million page views. We know what it takes to build a following, and we can help you build yours.

RTF has a dedicated multidisciplinary team consisting of writers, researchers,  graphic designers, SEO specialists and video editing experts. These experts work collaboratively to develop content and manage publishing on multiple media channels to create a brand image your clients will FLOCK towards.

From analysing your business plan to helping you network, we have got you covered. It might mean assessing your marketing material or building your profile through positioning you as an authority and influencer in your field. Our role goes much further than you might think, but for our clients we’re a trusted sounding board that deliver results.

We’re expert at writing press releases, getting them to the right audiences and delivering quality coverage, both national and international. We coordinate events and launches, investing them with fresh thinking, and curate and deliver innovative talks programmes for leading organisations.

Digital is embedded in everything we do. We have in-house social media and insights specialists, who can devise and implement bespoke strategies and content, plus an excellent network of writers, graphic designers and photographers.

Who’s this for?

Common Objections

How much involvement is expected from the firm?

After the initial few meetings of understanding your design philosophy, your current body of work and your goals; you can send us your sketches, images of work-in-progress rendering and models, and other interesting material produced in your office and we will publish it strategically.

There is nothing ‘unique’ about our firm

There is always something to pick and promote. You can trust finding what it is about you on our Brand Builder Questionnaire.

We are very new to business, and do not have many projects built (<2 years of practice)

Perfect timing! This programme can help you establish yourself in the market much faster than you can through traditional means. There is much more to a design firm than the portfolio of built projects, and if you don’t have the ‘content’, we have got plenty of ideas that you’ll love.

We are already a well-established firm, and most of our clients come through references. How will this be useful?

As time passes, more and more people are looking for your projects online before they approach you for a project. In order to make an excellent first impression, it is important that you have a reputed online presence established.

We are a well-established firm. Why shouldn’t I just hire a couple of graphic designers and get this handled?

As active participants of the Architecture fraternity (and being trained as Architects ourselves), we know the ins and outs of the design process. Further, building a brand on social media is a constantly-evolving process and our team has spent considerable time building a tried & tested strategy- striking a balance between targeting the right niche, social media algorithms (Instagram updates its algorithm at least thrice a year) and current events to maximize the reach of your work.

What is the kind of content that is published?

While the approach is custom-tailored for every individual firm, majority of the published material is information/graphical content related to your brand, followed Conceptual Development images (Sketches/Draft Renders), Final Renders of built/unbuilt projects, behind-the-scenes process pictures (in case of furniture/product design), New Year/Christmas greetings, Pictures from your office (to humanize the brand) etc.