The year of 2020 has a lot to do with what we are and what we are going to be in the future. mankind has seen days like never before and as we say the smartest species on the planet we learn from our mistakes ; we adapt the change; Evolve, adapt and we grow every time.

Here are a few trends in our surroundings where we live some are the results to fulfil the new requirements of this post-pandemic life, some are just ripples of the contemporary era design trends .  

1. Work from Home Study-Nook

There is no excuse to work whether it is pandemic outside and the whole world is locked inside the home. Hence, finding a solution is inevitable. Almost everyone across the globe shifted to work from home module. And it is the only choice to stay within the safe-zone and yet be productive. Study-nook in your comfy home is the new necessity for the current scenario. It could be a dedicated area with a table and chairs set-up or some makeshift arrangements within your bedroom or living room couch. Many multinational companies also found it productive and encouraged people to opt work from home even after the situation was sort of back to normal.   

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet1
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10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet2
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2. Home Gym

The new normal also changed people’s lifestyle. Day to day activities such as jogging, a morning walk was also not possible for a few months and as experts say workout in a common enclosed space has high risks; Resulting in the closure of gymnasiums and fitness centers, so people started working out in their homes. A place with a few personal equipment with good light and ventilation is adequate space to stretch within your home is a perfect place to drop some sweat and be active.    

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet3
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10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet4
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3. Inside & Outside

Indoor plant. Large green walls, hanging plants are the new elements replacing all the gimmicks, the small green ecosystem into interiors are the new trendsetters. These greeneries are helpful to bring outside bliss right into your interiors. Many indoor plants are available today which are low in maintenance and stay alive with less sunlight. These Biophilic elements are helpful to maintain our health and psych. To bringing nature inside where there is no space for full gown garden this could be the new trend in the coming days.     

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet5
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10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet6
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4. Tiny house

With the growing urbanization and expensive place to leave many families and bachelors has adopted the concept of tiny living. The tiny house could be a compact second home in the countryside or a micro space within the urban setup is also a popular choice people are going to take. Economically and Environmentally it is also beneficial. As downsizing perused less carbon footprint. It requires little efforts to fit in and get used to but after a while, it is always a win-win deal.   

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet7
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10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet8
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5. The Balcony is a Necessity  

There are tons of benefit of having a spill out space. A perfect place if someone wants to feel outdoor but yet stay inside. a small extension just outside the room is the thing you want to have; get a view of your surroundings or spend your evening with a wonderful sunset. In Indian neighborhoods, the balcony is the key elements for social interactions. After the pandemic situation, people understood how important this breath out is.      

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet9
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10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet10
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6. Color Pop & Bubbly Designs

Curvy and fluffy furniture with vibrant poppy colors is the new concept developed with the contemporary design approach. Couch with upholstery, lamps, coffee tables even Dining table has stuffed bubbly effects and candy colors. The simplification of child-like elements where everything is curvy and chubby is emerging as the unique concept.

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet11
©Photograph by Reutov Dmitry

7. Integrated Furniture

To get the space within space designers approaching the concept of integrated furniture such as a support wall of the staircase could be a good display wall too. The raised platform which has the storage, a pulled out desk and a mattress on top of the box could be a small cozy bed. The multipurpose compact space making is also emerging as a new trend these days.    

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet12
©Photograph by Cesar Bejar
10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet13
©Photograph by newdecoreternds

8. Elegant Vintage  

The old school furniture with new contemporary design is also a new thing to try and many new interior decorators are using it to get certain corrector. A solo ornate armchair of a wooden cupboard with intricate detailing complements with some natural colored furniture in the room. The use of Victorian-inspired door-windows and curtains are also being elegant choice these days.  

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet14
©Photograph by Kathy Kuo Home
10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet15
©Photograph by Architectural Digest

9. The Techno influenced 

The 21 st century has introduced us to the Internet age. Thanks to technological impact the change in our lifestyle is inevitable. Field of interior design also has no difference. Home automation is the one of the most discussed sneak peeks in the industry today. We can change the whole environment with just a touch or simply just say it to your device and Viola. More than that rising of Artificial Intelligence it can sense the surroundings and set the temperature, ambient lights and even music for you. It is just the start of integrating technology with our living environment in the next few decades are going to surpass all the trends that we are following today.  

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet16
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10. Timeless always

Few elements such as exposed brick & concrete finishes, wooden floors, neutral paint finishes, upholstered Furniture had gained popularity and passed the test of time. From ages, those elements were used widely and accepted by users without any hesitations. Some are easy to make and maintain, some have rawness and many of them have their own elegance. Therefore, it will always be the primary choice for people not willing to experiment much and want a subtle and eclectic feel in their space.     

10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet17
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10 interior designs trends of 2021 - Sheet18
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The new age Architect, an emerging writer & graphics designer. He worked with college magazines as Assistant Editor. An optimist who believes that the architects are the creators of the batter world. He narrates his ideologies with whimsical humour. Priyank is fascinated by the historic work of pioneers in the art & architectural jargon.

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