The manifestation of architecture commenced at a very early stage in the world. Architecture is not just the implementation of one’s perspective. It is the macrocosm of visions, conceptions, emotions, abstraction and most importantly the practice of contriving art through technology. It is the feel of a space that comes into play through volumes, colours, visual perception and proportions. Look around and you’ll see the most primary forms, the ambience, and presence of innumerable elements that communicate and succeed in building an environment.

Let’s go back in Time!

Journey of Architectural Impacts - Sheet1
Hagia Sophia_©Boris Stroujko/Shutterstock
Journey of Architectural Impacts - Sheet2
Göbekli Tepe_©N. Becker/DAI
Journey of Architectural Impacts - Sheet3
Acropolis – ©Borislav Stefanov/500px/Lonely planet

Göbekli Tepe in Turkey epitomizes the birth of civilization. The Great Pyramids signify the belief in life after death. The Acropolis at Athens, Greece is a marvel in architecture. The majestic composition at Acropolis is substantial proof of the perfect balance between site features and its outstanding structures. The striking aqueducts of Roman civilization though designed for utilitarian purposes substantiate the brilliance of construction techniques of the Romans. Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, Turkey was constructed in the Byzantine style of architecture. It is one of the major examples of religion being unified through the application of methodologies in architecture. Notre Dame in Paris is one of the finest and purest forms of French Gothic architecture. For thousands of years, mankind’s keen nature towards exploration has landed us today with these beautiful discoveries of civilization and these remarkable examples are proofs of the Human Race finding sophistication and stability for better standards of living.

We are Miraculous

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Five Senses_©Nicki Dugan Pogue

The ability to distinguish colours, emotions, positive and negative vibrations are priceless gifts of God. Our five senses entirely define the frame of our mind and architecture thrives to gain control and attain perfection over these senses because what makes us human is the ability to communicate. Now, communication does not take place just among living beings, two spaces communicate in terms of accessibility, productivity, circulation and a lot based on architectural elements. We are constantly evolving, and being physically, mentally and emotionally balanced are the vital requirements. We perceive, learn, distinguish and accept a lot of things around us and architecture deals with all these fundamentals equally. Architecture is a dance of harmonized elements. We would still be living and behaving like Barbarians if danger, fear and other life-threatening instances had not triggered the survival instincts in early humans.

A Speck in the Unknown

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LightRails – Colour Dynamism_©Bill FitzGibbons/Interior Design

Architecture is boundless. It is a rhythmic flow of ideas and a perfect balance of art and technological advances. What we have explored today is just a tiny portion. It is not just limited to designing and practising the art of building. It is deeply rooted in other professions as well. Psychologists have driven many theories of personalities from colour psychology. Colour psychology tremendously affects the existence, nature, conscious and sub-conscious of a being. From appetite to Ergonomics, from Functionality to Aesthetics, colours in perfect harmonies transform the whole of a being. A badly designed space is not just limited to the present state of mind, it can deeply affect an individual and push him to unfathomable psychosomatic disorders. Most of the criminal acts executed by juveniles are a result of poorly designed interiors and degraded living conditions.

Architecture? Hmm…Rings a Bell.

Journey of Architectural Impacts - Sheet6
Marques’Almeida – Fashion_©Victor Virgile

Fashion brands, business marketing strategies, product designing are just some of the hundreds of platforms where theories of architecture come into play. Many film sets are designed by Architects because art is the soul and architecture is the framework in which functions belonging to multiple systems take place. The professionals belonging to the field of architecture not only design spaces or plan settlements, but they also hold the power to completely change lives and nourish an individual’s mental state.

What do Humans seek from Nature?

Journey of Architectural Impacts - Sheet7
Infinity_©Ben Rogers

Architecture plays a prominent role in safety. A roof is more than just a shelter, a wall is more than just a vertical obstruction. To define a space the architect or planner does not need to provide physical entities such as a fence or partition. It is all about playing with the minds of occupants. The height of a room, the volume of a public hall, percentage and quantity of warm and cool colours, an interchange of lighting conditions, a bold play of light and shadows, the play of styles in architecture constantly and quickly alter the behavioural patterns in human beings. It happens infractions and our actions justify the changes taking place in our body. Our actions have a direct relation with our surroundings so it’s no surprise when a group of employees are highly efficient.

A T ale of T exture and T ouch

Medical News Today – Nature_©Sebastian Kopp

Why do we feel a certain way when we touch something? Why is touch so dominant? It is because touch is the purest form of non-verbal communication. Touch is what tells a newborn that he is safe, it is a tongue spoken by all of us and is also the medium of communication between the living and the non-living. 

We are surrounded by varieties of textures, like wood, stone, steel, concrete, textile to name a few. A certain category of texture in its natural, as well as modified form, can engage many chemical reactions in a mind. Rough textures evoke a sense of unfriendliness whereas smooth textures are more welcoming and build a serene environment. Then there are natural textures that calm our body, mind and soul and have a broad classification in architecture. The stimulation of these sensations depends on the amount in which these textures are put together as well as the function of that space. One cannot put a particular type of texture abundantly and expect the residents or occupants to behave or respond a certain way. For example, the architect can’t use multiple combinations of rough textures or massive designer glasses in different cuts for interiors expecting his client to feel safe and sound.

Every day or Every day Differently?

Every activity is greatly associated with architecture. Reading in a library, watching a movie, visiting museums, exploring a city, travelling to a new country are all closely knit in the enormous nexus of architecture. Every fully functional design is brought into reality for a very specific activity. Even routine activities such as bathing, eating, sleeping, cleaning and exercising are correlated most primarily. The living conditions and ambience validate the personality of a being and all of us are constantly absorbing these somatic and psychological changes.


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As an architecture enthusiast she takes active interest in exploring different ethnicities and tries to find a perfect medium to integrate the cultural diversities from an architect’s as well as a writer’s point of view. Pure imagination and knowledge is what she conveys through her words.

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