Fostering the movement and the healthy mind, this is the mandate entrusted to the design agency ISSADESIGN for the development of the Evolution Wellness Centre located in Montreal, Canada.

8 Place du commerce suite 120 Montréal, QC, Canada, H3E 1N3
Area: 2230 pi. ca. / 207 m. ca.
Materials: Concrete, Russian birch, vinyl.

Project’s Team
Client: Evolution Wellness Centre
Design: ISSADESIGN, design de l’environnement intégré
Lighting: Éclairage Québec
Photographer: David Boyer

Evolution Wellness Centre by ISSADESIGN - Sheet2
©David Boyer photography

Specializing in the interdisciplinary twinning of care, the Evolution Wellness Centre was keen to offer their clients an inclusive, serene, self-development and concentration setting. It is on this motto that the design agency has opted for a minimalist and versatile environment that can adapt to the needs of the various activities of the program.

Evolution Wellness Centre by IEvolution Wellness Centre by ISSADESIGN - Sheet3SSADESIGN - Sheet3
©David Boyer photography

The design project connects the multiple spaces of the centre, the reception area, the sales area, the physiotherapy rooms and the yoga room. The goal for designers was to create a rhythmic environment within an active journey for the customer. This project reveals a fluid layout where spaces interpenetrate. In order to provide a functional venue in all seasons, a storage area has been defined at the entrance to store winter boots and other shoes. These wall brackets, being custom built, continue to the reception desk and form the shop area where the products are displayed. As a result, the reception area is multifunctional and profitable.

Evolution Wellness Centre by ISSADESIGN - Sheet4
©David Boyer photography

The impeccable balance between wood, concrete, white and black results from an ingenious combination at all levels, whether in the rhythm of lighting or custom furniture. In addition, the cube is in the spotlight in this project due to its significance. Indeed, this geometric shape is attributed to the symbol of stability, element proper to well-being. The bench, in its simplest form, projects despite its straight and structured lines, an impression of lightness. The volume in suspension prides itself on echoing the thin edges of the glass cube delimiting the meeting room at its side.

In its transparency, this meeting room is inclusive. However, this materiality results from the desire to create an effect of size and openness, because one of the challenges was the need of the customer to have a large amount of closed rooms for the service rooms. Without this intervention of transparency and location, the center would have seemed smaller, closed on itself and long corridors would have occupied the place.

Evolution Wellness Centre by ISSADESIGN - Sheet6
©David Boyer photography

Inspired by controlled breaths in yoga, the lighting systems express a harmonious rhythm while creating a line of course directing the customer towards the spaces that are addressed to him. The clever work in the control of materials has given birth to a place that is contemporary and timeless. For example, the entrance to the yoga room is through a door of exotic origin, found by the client and which it was important to incorporate into the project. These small gestures certainly add to the experience of the place. Regarding the use of wood, it brings an organic and authentic look instead. With this in mind, its symbolically evokes personal growth, which is one of the values ​​advocated by the Evolution Wellness Center.

A sober, minimalist signature that achieves its goal: to serve at best the customers eager to obtain a personalized service.


ISSADESIGN is an environmental design agency specializing in the fields of institutional, corporative, commercial and residential design. Its areas of expertise include creative consultation, interior planning and design, and architecture.

ISSADESIGN takes to heart their client’s expectations, needs and desires by creating timeless designs that respects the principals of sustainability. The designers believe they can contribute to a greener society, one step at a time. No matter the size or budget of a project, they integrate simple and inexpensive ecological solutions to their concepts. The team develops a close relationship with their clients by being available and flexible to their needs. Their respect for their client’s needs and their collaborator’s ideas contributes to the richness of ISSADESIGN’s projects. The client is at the heart of the process in each project. The design team submerges into their universe to create and develop the perfect sync between their philosophy and their personality.

At ISSADESIGN, the designers are hungry for challenge, creative solutions and innovative technology. Their constant curiosity pushes the team to exceed the client’s expectations by creating unique spaces where aesthetics and functionality meet.


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