Since decades, Brussels, our capital city, has been active in a variety of urban planning pronouncements. This iconic building from the 1970s by architect Jean Verschuere is very unique and readily identifies its site. The location has been improved to a more modern translation of urban development, where the goals of the developer and city come together to create a historic opportunity and a status that reinforces “renewed connectedness.”

Project name: Arlon 53 (2101 BRAT)
Description: Renovation office building Aarlen-Trier
Client: Arlon 53 nv(BPI Real Estate, AG Real Estate)
Site: Aarlen- en Trierstraat B – 1040 Brussels

Partner(s):  Landinzicht (Environmental construction)
Project Architect: Frederic Maurel
Consultants:  Dirk Engelen, Curd Vesters, Alex De Roeck
Interior Designer: Kenn van Overveld

Techniques: Arcadis
Safety coordination: Drees & Sommer Belgium
Client: BPI Real Estate

Arlon 53 by BINST ARCHITECTS - Sheet3

The renovation is being planned with consideration for the uniqueness of the existing structure; via utmost preservation, we are allowing it to play a distinguishable role. The pedestal’s change creates a qualitative continuity in which the line separating public and private area is sharply interrupted for an inviting appearance.

Arlon 53 by BINST ARCHITECTS - Sheet4

A new, beautiful crown that incorporates its own personality while yet referencing the current building’s rhythm is added to the whole. Concrete that has been cleaned and treated will allow the natural tones and aggregates to once again speak for themselves. A nod to modernist ideals is achieved by well considered and exquisite woodwork detailing.


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