The hotel consists of an old and a new building – both enter into a constant dialogue without being dependent on each other.

Studio Name: Söhne & Partner Architekten
Design Team: Söhne & Partner Architekten
Area: Lettland
Year: 2012
Location: Lettland
Other Credits: Rendering Miss3

Baltic Beach Hotel by Söhne & Partner Architekten - Sheet1
©Söhne & Partner Architekten

The centerpiece of the design is the spacious lobby including the reception. A large, bright and open space highlights and emphasizes the importance of the premises.

Visitors have the option to access any area of the complex through the lobby – but they don’t have to if they don’t want to. Since all elements are interconnected, guests can also access the spa area directly from their room.

In addition to the five-star spa area, there is also a restaurant and bar, as well as several shopping options in the hotel, almost all with fantastic views of the sea.

Baltic Beach Hotel by Söhne & Partner Architekten - Sheet3
©Söhne & Partner Architekten

At the back of the hotel are placed various building service rooms and a large kitchen. Parking spaces for visitors are located in the first basement of the building.

Architectural connection between old and new

A large, imposing canopy is the most visible architectural link between the old and the new building, connecting the arrival zone in front of the hotel with the separate entrance to the business center.

The spacious roof terrace impresses with an open-air bar, many green spaces and a pool that seemingly flows directly into the waves of the sea. Another special feature is the spectacular view. The placement of the outdoor pool and associated facilities between the two buildings creates a wind-protected area there.

Baltic Beach Hotel by Söhne & Partner Architekten - Sheet5
©Söhne & Partner Architekten

In addition to the spa area, the business center in the building also has a connection to the large main lobby in addition to its own entrance. The business center itself consists of conference rooms of various sizes and a large hall for plenary sessions. However, the latter can also be used for weddings or various other large events if required.

Magnificent view

Every room in the hotel has either its own balcony or terrace – all with a view of the sea, if possible. On the seventh floor are exclusive suites and an associated lounge. On the eighth floor, a presidential suite offers the best view in the entire building.

In addition, there is also a wing with apartments that can be rented permanently or as vacation homes. They are also connected to the lobby, but still have their own entrance.

All the different elements of the hotel are self-contained components, but cleverly connected via a central lobby. To quote Aristotle: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.


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