The Hotel in a Spa Town.

Soon it will be one of the best places where you can relax and take care of your health.

The facility will have everything you could ask for from a spa hotel plus beautiful Baltic beach at your fingertips. 300 comfortable rooms will be an ideal base for those seeking peace and wellness.

Design Team:
Architects: Anna Król, Marzenna Dragun, Ewa Neubauer, Olga Nowakowska, Sara Drozd, Krzysztof Walendziuk, Aleksandra Wolter, Wiera Bogachuk, Monika Chojnacka
Structure Designer: Michał Błochowiak
Sanitary systems designer: Iwona Czerwińska
Designer of electrical and teletechnical instalations: Bartosz Bednarczyk
Area: 12 403 m2
Year: 2020 – 2022
Location: Kołobrzeg/Poland
Photography Credits: CKK Architekci

Interferie Chalkozyn In KołobrzegPoland by CKK ARCHITEKCI - Sheet4
©CKK Architekci

The trend, called modernism, has revolutionized architecture and urban planning all over the world. It also had a great influence on Polish spa architecture. It changed the perception of architecture, reducing it essentially to functionality. Years later, these forms continue to inspire us. Therefore, the facility dating back to the 1970s has been transformed and extended keeping in mind the original assumption.

Along with the establishment of the health resort in Kołobrzeg, its spa architecture was taking shape. In the 1970s and 1980s, many sanatorium-recreational and holiday facilities were built, so well associated with this place today and characterized by such a great, distinctive, noticeable panache. These were the years when modernism left the legacy of numerous exemplars of good and functional architecture in Poland. Sadly, many of these buildings are not subject to any form of protection today, which allows them to be freely reconstructed and transformed.

They are often rebuilt very boldly, not always accurately.

Interferie Chalkozyn In KołobrzegPoland by CKK ARCHITEKCI - Sheet6
©CKK Architekci

Today we wish to draw inspiration from this modernist architecture by creating an object that relates to its history well and with all the respect it deserves.

Simple, geometric shapes, a flat roof and glazing, opening the interior to the surroundings, white and airy. Everything is reduced to simple means of expression and a minimalist form of expression. We have introduced the characteristic momentum of the entrance zone.

The openings of the blinds on each of the balconies, showing the outline of the chalcocite ore, are a subtle reference to the original name of the object.

The interior arrangement is the next stage of our work at the Chalkozyn health resort in Kołobrzeg. Just like when creating its architecture, we strive to discover and reflect the truth about the building and the time of its creation in the interiors.

Interferie Chalkozyn In KołobrzegPoland by CKK ARCHITEKCI - Sheet8
©CKK Architekci

Design inspired by the 70s, with elegance, peace and functionality.

Timeless, subdued colors of the interior, with accents of furniture and gadgets from the 70s.

We aim here both at the needs of guests who remember that time perfectly and for whom this aesthetic evokes good memories of their youth, as well as at younger people who discover end enjoy the design from the 1970s.


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