A rather naive attempt to fuse and blend the rich and traditional Kath-Kuni architecture from Northern India, with a minimal modern architectural lower half inspired by the West.

• Project name: East meest West
• Architecture firm: – Ar. Rohit Dhote ( Envisarch )
• Tools used: Blender, Photoshop
• Principal architect: Ar. Rohit Dhote
• Design team: Ar. Rohit Dhote
• Design year: 2022
• Visualization: Ar. Rohit Dhote
• Typology: Conceptual Visualization / Architecture

East meets West By Envisarch - Sheet3

The structure blends characteristics of the old with the new, the “East” with the the “West”, the maximum with the minimum bridging the time gap spanning over centuries!!

East meets West By Envisarch - Sheet4

The intricately crafted wooden traditional architecture complements the minimal and subtle angles and curves of the concrete base which houses the living spaces of the structure.

East meets West By Envisarch - Sheet5

The very aim of the project was to reimagine the fusion of new and old architecture and visualize the interplay of their respective architectural elements!


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