“If one truly loves nature, he will find beauty everywhere.” You don’t have to travel to distant locales to find beauty; it’s all around us, from the crackles of fallen leaves to the jagged bark of a tree. In unexpected and profound ways our mother earth lives around us. The elements that come from the earth root the urban fabrics directly in the native landscapes.

Every dwelling should blend seamlessly into its natural habitat and emanate from the very earth that binds us all, staying true to the philosophy by creating ‘around’ nature rather than ‘on’ it.

The aim today is to construct an energy-efficient, ecologically-conscious design and careful selection of materials provided by nature that ages gracefully. Here are some of the iconic projects by Earthitects, Bengaluru , designed and aligned with sustainability with an essence of balance between higher intelligence and the majestic beauty of our earth.

1. Stone Lodges Private Residences, Wayanad, Kerala

It is a bunch of 15 private residences which lets you discover beauty right outside your door. It is built in harmony with the rising mountains and constructed across an area of 13 acres of forested hillside in Wayanad , a place not to be visited but to be experienced. The rich culture blended in the countless patterns found by leaves and light impart a serene atmosphere. Whether it’s the crumbling earthy textures of natural stones, the comfort of the woods, or intricately handcrafted masonry, the stone lodges let you experience the beauty of nature and the life of those elements around you. The entire project from the beginning has been different from the others, the unique design, eco-friendly and calm material palette. The private residences are constructed on separate forested plots, almost an acre in size, surrounded by lush greenery and views of high-growing mountains. Thus intriguing a feeling of stillness and awe. 

Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet1
Into the woods_©https://www.earthitects.com/stone-lodges
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet2
Stone and wood work_©https://www.earthitects.com/stone-lodges
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet3
Stone Lodges_©https://www.earthitects.com/stone-lodges

2. Evolve Back, Coorg

The private residences are built in the lap of the beautiful hills of Coorg. The perfect amalgamation of the delicately sweet scent of coffee, the friendship of sun and wind in the song of gently swaying foliages, and the eternal game of lights and shadows. An architecture style depicting the regional beauty and typical culture of the place in its breathtaking design. Villas with heritage pools, an invitation to see with new eyes, a fluid reminder to shift shapes and forms. A reminder to be untethered, free, and flowing. The inspiration was taken from the ancestral and typical houses, Kodava Ainmanes. A sense of luxury and personal space is provided with a well-balanced composition of coffee plantations, private mesmerizing lakes, and glowing green rice fields. The material palette involves hand-cut, rust-red laterite bricks, and tiled roofs. The lily pool villas are like a mirror reflecting the natural world around it inspired by thatched houses with mud walls and white touch. The ombre effect is created by the presence of Lilly pools with the pale sky bleeding into the blue water. The delicate graphic lines by terracotta floor tiling and furniture made of hardwood add an interesting color to this canvas.

Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet4
Heritage pool courtyard_©https://www.evolveback.com/coorg/gallery/
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet5
Lily Pool Cottage_©https://www.evolveback.com/coorg/gallery/
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet6

3. Evolve Back Resorts , Kabini

Profusing between two states, home to the local Kadu Kuruba tribe and being an adobe to the serene forest reserves, lies in the lap of nature is Kabini. It is one of the famous rivers in South India. Evolve Back, Kabini drags you into the spirited lifestyle of its nature and its people. It does so by providing the ethos of their culture without lacking in luxury. Elating the building heritage of the Kadu Kurubas featured by mud walls, thatched roofs, and cow dung-stained floors. One can emanate the architectural style the resort displays. The interiors of the Private Pool and Jacuzzi Huts acknowledge the vernacular with the ethnic furniture. The tribal patterned furnishings and bottle gourd lampshades welcome warm experiences. Besides the interior, the exteriors seize the richness of the surroundings and its culture to match the theme. The picturesque resort provides exceptional architectural style. The extensive views present the hidden luxury of the resort within the vernacular accent that’s purely emanating.

Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet7
View of Pool Hut_©https://www.earthitects.com/evolve-back-kabini?lightbox=dataItem-l4y2bawr
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet8
Bath Area_©https://www.earthitects.com/evolve-back-kabini?lightbox=dataItem-l4y2bawr1
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet9

4. Evolve Back Resorts, Hampi

The fortified city of Hampi houses the once glorious Vijayanagara Empire. The prevailing design sensibilities and characteristic features of the era have been adopted to recreate this magnificence Evolve Back, Hampi. The pinnacled arches were erected with the Balustrades. Bay Windows gives access to the beauty of the natural world around which has been put together with rough granite flooring and polished dark wood furniture. Featuring the ruins stands prominently the lotus and its motif. The rest is invading the resort interiors and water bodies with cladded and self-colored vine inlays at the bathrooms. The toned-down colors are used to elate a modest and calming effect in the furnishings. Expressing with its grand entrance, stone paved boulevard, arched hallways, and regal suites, the resort pays homage to the Vijayanagara Courtly Style of architecture by highlighting the regional culture and lifestyle.

Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet10
Hampi Ambience_©https://www.earthitects.com/evolve-back-hampi?lightbox=dataItem-l4y2cdtf1
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet11
Pinnacled Arches_©https://www.earthitects.com/evolve-back-hampi?lightbox=dataItem-l4y2cdth
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet12
Ethnic Nilaya_©https://www.earthitects.com/evolve-back-hampi?lightbox=dataItem-l4y2cdth3

5. Workspace Design by Earthitects

Breaking the monotony of the boring workspaces and bringing in the incredible design concept of a flexible and interactive office place with maintained personal space. This project is a knot tied between sustainability and an innovative approach that integrates the elements of nature into the furniture, seatings, workstations, and lighting evolved from subtle and quiet palettes. A well-balanced composition with natural materials and wise use of weathered timber from the backyard left for years.  The process of decay evolved into organic curves leaving back the rigid lines. to create a 4200sq feet space in a linear pattern. One gets moved by the hanging natural pods made of poles and faux leather. The pods serve the function of social connectivity with maintained privacy. The flexibility of spaces and multi-functional areas promoted by the use of sliding doors and huge windows let the sun translate beautifully to the building.

Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet13
Workspace design_©https://www.earthitects.com/workspacedesign?lightbox=dataItem-l4y4tckt
Earthitects- 5 Iconic Projects - Sheet14
Cafeteria with waste wood_ ©https://www.earthitects.com/workspacedesign?lightbox=dataItem-l4y4tckt2
Creative space with upcycled wood_ ©https://www.earthitects.com/workspacedesign?lightbox=dataItem-l4y4tckt3

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